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God Wants You to Be Fabulous

A Word from Our CEO

Peggy N. Walker, CEO

I have been doing fashion for 40 years, and would like to be the example for these women. I love fashion, and I'm a dresser. I want to be an example based on what I have already been through and accomplished; as well as, an encouragement. 

If I can do this, anybody can. If I can find my way back from all that I have been through, again, anybody can. This is something special for me and was given to me to share with other women. I have done it all; I have walked the walk.

Peggy N. Walker, CEO the youngest child of 6 children born to the union of retired Pastor/Elder Connie M. McGee & Dec. Woodroe McGee, Sr., born in Terry, Mississippi, and currently resides in El Cerrito, California.

This vision is very special to me, and was given to me by God to share with women all over the world. So many mothers have lost their children; some have been murdered; some children have died from sickness. What most people don't understand, if you have not walked through this horrible wilderness; you have no clue what this experience is really all about. If you have not walked in my shoes, you simply DON'T KNOW!!

This mission ordained by God goes beyond the above. There are women who are having problems with their marriage, their boyfriend, their job, their family, their children, sickness, depression, and a whole lot more. They don't know which way is up or down! When you look for real help, you just can't find it.

Well, look no more!! God chose Peggy N. Walker to reach out and implement His vision as a vessel, because He could depend on her to fulfill His vision for His "fabulous" women. I believe God chose me because I have personally experienced it all! To God be the Glory for the things He is about to do!

Classy High Heels and Handbag

I chose to be an example based upon what I have been through, and desire to be an encouragement to women all over the world. I lost my children — it's been a nightmare. I want you to know that you can rise above your situation with God's help. 

The best part about it all is that He taught me, chose me, delivered me, and brought me out of darkness into the marvelous light. I can see again, I can smile again, I am important to me, and I love and care about myself. God took that horrible pain out of my heart and gave me REAL JOY.

This was the ultimate deliverance — I can't even explain how it happened, but I can tell you that I have not been the same since. When God said that He would make you brand new, I am a witness that it is true.

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