Recognition: NAACP of the Year Award for Outstanding Work in Education and Helping to Get People Working | Honored for Outstanding Community Service by the U.S. Congress
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Clothing Can Make the Woman

New Look, New Attitude

As "Fabulous Women", we know firsthand that designer clothing can make a difference in both the way you look and feel. We assist women by giving them what they need to feel good about themselves. While our tastes may be different from yours, we have the experience and skills to help you pick clothing, shoes, and purses that complement you. Many of the women we help immediately smile, when they see what they look like wearing stylish clothing with "class" — just fabulous.

Beautiful Women

Encouragement and Support

We start by helping you develop the right frame of mind. You and your children, grandchildren, or other family members may be in dire need of life's basic necessities.  We are supportive of women who have experienced Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. Our goal is to assist and encourage women who have gone through this awful ordeal. Because we know that you may not see a way out of your difficulties, we provide the encouragement and support you need. Even if your budget is strict, we want you to browse the store and find pieces that will give you a new sense of purpose. Sizes range from 5 up to 2X.

A Step Further

We do not stop helping you once we dress you in beautiful clothes that make you look good and feel good. If you cannot afford the things you and your family needs, our future goal is to also offer financial assistance to women and their children.

A History of Assisting Others

Our CEO, a retired California State Certified College Instructor, has years of experience helping women come back from adversity and maintain their stability. Our CEO, also started the first business college founded by a black woman in the Western United States. She also wrote the "Back to Work Program" for the state of California, which helped people on welfare get jobs, receive training, and get on their feet. This program showed California officials how to put people to work in a way that allowed them to keep their jobs and be well paid. Our CEO was a recipient of The NAACP of the Year Award for Outstanding Work in Education and Helping to Get People Working and also a recipient of The Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The CEO of Wak-n-Tal for the "Fabulous Woman" was also honored by the United States Congress for outstanding community service — helping women and men turn their lives around. 

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